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Paul Benoit and Rebecca Cragg
Rebecca Cragg and Paul Benoit

July 2014, Marc Anderson Desroches

June 2014

June 2014

Camellia Teas Student Show

Hans Blokpoel March 2014

Hans Blokpoel March 2014

Tracey SnapKat Photo Jan 2014

gallery november 2013ml-jp

Stepping Stones Rebecca Cragg October 2013

Marjolie SSAG Aug 2013
Yanook Art Show Event June 2013
gale image 1

gale image 2

gale image 3

Marcel Jomphe 2012 a

Marcel Jomphe 2012 b

2012 Japan Benefit Aug 19th Poster

stepping stones gallery marjoli exhbition 2012 b

stepping stones gallery marjoli exhbition 2012 a

May 2011 Exhibition

Yokoso Japan Photography with Daniel Blouin
Japan Photography, Daniel Blouin

Japan Photography, Daniel Blouin b


Fall 2010 Jewellery with Tammy Avelar
Tammy Avelar 1

Tammy Avelar 2

Keon 2010

Keon 2010-2

Spring Exhibition, 2010

Spring Exhibition 2, 2010

Gallery March, 2010

Stepping Stones Gallery March, 2010

Steppings Gallery Winter-Spring 2010

Stepping Stones Gallery Winter-Spring 2010b

Stepping Stones Art Gallery 2009a

Stepping Stones Art Gallery 2009b

summer a

summer b

david pike a

david pike b
fall 2008a
fall 2008 b

Magic of Circles A

Magic of Circles B

summer 2008a

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summer 2008 b

nov10-11 postcard

Stepping Stones Gallery postcard fall