How to Take Photographs With Instant Cameras


Fujifilm, one of the permanent leaders in the market of photographic equipment, supplies and accessories, offers to remember how the art of photography began. The developers came up with how to immerse modern users in the atmosphere of retro and the first cassette devices, combining instant-print cameras of a classic design with innovative digital functions. So there was a line of stylish Fujifilm Instax gadgets that take high-quality pictures and immediately print them on a film of various formats.

How to take pictures with Instax? In modern cameras instant printing, the quality of images is improved due to the functionality of devices and supplies. Gadgets look stylish and youthful. At the moment there are 12 devices in the line, each of which has its own unique character and individual technical features. In this article, we will briefly review the cameras, note their main functions and consider some shooting recommendations that will allow even beginners to take more expressive and interesting pictures from the first days of use.


A professional can tell you that the secret of a good picture is in perfectly calibrated personnel proportions and balanced exposure. The artist will add that spontaneity of the frame, the ability to transmit instant emotions and the uniqueness of the moment bring closer the art of photography. Fujifilm Instax cameras (you’ll understand how to take pictures using the device’s intuitive interface) just give you the opportunity to create an original, high-quality picture, immediately transferring it to a photo card that will be stored for years, gaining more and more value over time. For various purposes and users with varying degrees of professionalism, several models of instant printing cameras are presented on the market:

  • Instax Wide 300 allows you to get expressive landscape photos. In its lineup, this model stands out for the size of the picture, which is noticeably larger than the format of photo cards of other devices. The camera is equipped with a flash that works in two modes – automatic and fill. The ideal distance for shooting is “from three meters or more” and “from three meters or less”, which also allows you to take high-quality selfies.
  • Instax SQ6 has slightly more modes, which will appeal to those who like to “twist” the settings on their own. The device has compact dimensions and low weight, which makes it mobile – it is convenient to take the camera on a trip. Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can easily understand how to take pictures using Instax and how to process a photo before sending it to print.
  • The charming Instax Minion is designed to entertain and create a fun atmosphere at parties. The camera in the form of the hero of a famous cartoon attracts attention with its bright design, the kit includes a pant-case and an eye cover on the lens, which makes it look like a toy. Despite its miniature size, the functions of the device will allow you to get high-quality images with good brightness and balanced contrast.


How to take beautiful pictures with Fujifilm Instax? Built-in functions to improve the quality of pictures will allow you to take amazing pictures. Depending on the model of the device, various functions are available for you:

  • Hi-Key – found in the Instax Minion, mini 9 model and is designed to increase brightness and reduce the contrast of color highlighting.
  • A small mirror next to the lens on some devices allows you to create great selfies.
  • Cameras can shoot in macro modes (for some models an additional lens is provided), “landscape”, “children” and others.
  • The capabilities of the Instax mini 90 camera allow you to change the exposure and shutter speed, as on modern digital cameras.
  • Programmable electronic descent is sure to come in handy for group photos with your participation or when absolute immobility of the device is needed.


When choosing, you need to focus both on the functionality of the devices, and on personal preferences regarding design. If you want to give your child a camera, Instax Minion and Hello Kitty are perfect. More experienced photographers should take a closer look at Instax SQ10 and SQ6. Lovers of classics will appreciate the retro design of the Instax mini 90 model. All cameras, their design and technical capabilities can be studied in more detail in the catalog of the online store.